Brown Sugar

     Written by Janaya Nyala 
     Illustrated by Thumy Phan 

     Est. Reading Time: 2 min 

kissed and loved on by the sun a bit more than the rest
before your feet felt the earth, you were cradled by sunshine’s milky confidante
it is no wonder gold ricochets off your skin in the moonlight

behind the golden gates, where the pots are stirred
was you,with a deep honey, cinnamon, caramel syrup y cacao churning slowly till this molasses rich woman emerged from the cast iron

sí la negra tiene tumbao
the movement of her hips in her stride is a force of nature in itself
this is how she was crafted and there is no other way for her to be
rising above the flame to touch down on this temporary terrain

the stars held a conference and came to the agreement that they would part with their atoms for a greater cause

for the man of bronze,for the man that is one with the midnight sky

with embers of copper in your eyes, you are already made of stardust
you tilt your head up to pieces of yourself every night
to speak ill of your beauty is sacrilege when it surrounds each and every one of us

caramel and copper, bronze and shea butter, honey and gold

all this richness within us, the strengths of our ancestors seeping through bloodlines to reach us
possessing a tenderness that only we can replicate
let us not forget we are divine



Published March 10, 2021
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Author’s Bio
Janaya Nyala is an emerging artist and occasional poet from the lower NY area with Panamanian heritage. Her goal is to highlight Black love, mental health and sanctify the freedom for Black people, especially Black men, to be delicate, vulnerable and speak their truth. Janaya finds her inspiration through black photography, poetry, music, and her own experiences.
︎ @nyala.blue

Artist’s Bio
Thumy Phan is an awesome illustrator based in Oklahoma City.


︎Philadelphia, PA
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