Plantin – (n.) Caribbean for plantain/platano

Sweet. Crispy. Fruitful. Colorful.

Plantin is an online illustrated Black Short Fiction magazine. 
Tired of gatekeeping in the online publishing community (through money, experience, accolades, & networking), Plantin is dedicated to becoming an un-gated platform for writers belonging to the Black immigrant experience. From Afro-Latinxs, to Trinidadian-Americans, to British-Nigerians, all children of the African Diaspora are welcome to the kick back. We curate works that speak to the experiences of 1st & 2nd generation Black immigrants and pair them with talented illustrators.

As designers & artists ourselves, it was important to create a visually compelling space for our submissions to exist. So, we work to establish collaborations between the written word and a network of generous illustrators and designers.

Hablamos español, & other bilingual works are welcome, as well. If you need a publishing credit, a space for your experimental pieces, or anything to help advance your creative ventures, we’re here to help.

We are open and always looking for partners & collaborators. Please email plantinmag@gmail.com

Camille Gomera-Tavarez
Founder & Designer

Amir Khadar
Collaborator & Guest Editor

Tunika Onnekikami
Social Media Manager

We are a passionate small team, working to ensure that this content is available for free and that our contributors never have to pay a submission fee. Academic paywalls are instruments of capitalism. If you are able, help support us by making a donation.

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