The rays of the sun an airtight sound

     Written by Adjoa Wiredu 
     Illustrated by Tala Salman 

     Est. Reading Time: 1 min 

After Tracy K Smith

a slight breeze as I gaze above
head thrown back
chin in the air
a thousand twinkles

out of reach
wine, I drink wine
the gulp has something fuzzy
rolling in my gob, I spit

a wasp stings
the roof
a throbbing palate
my insides ache

gaze blurs
the burn vibrates
pain explodes through my ears
rays like an airless tight room, I see

feel sound shiny above
my hand out of reach
my head thrown
meets compressed air

on the ground
music pops glints flicks
of amber
an open fire

a bushy hill
sat in the clear
lit sky
the hurt floats

pulsating, glowing
the torture solar
a ringing all over

Sun Ra: Sun Song
Sun Ra: Cosmic Chaos
"describe the sound of the sun, or another planet, or the stars"



Published October 17, 2020
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Author’s Bio
Adjoa Wiredu is a writer and artist from London. She writes poetry, personal essays and creative non-fiction about identity. Her work is an attempt to discuss what it means to be a second-generation, black British-Ghanaian woman in Europe today. Her forthcoming debut poetry collection On Reflection: Moments, Flight, and Nothing New is out in October 2020, Jacaranda.
︎ @onreflectionpoetry  

Illustrated by Tala Salman 
︎ @tala.salman 


︎Philadelphia, PA
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