The Dream of Inner Peace

     Written by Ezerikhi Emetonjor 
     Illustrated by Sophia Hounton 

     Est. Reading Time: 1 min 

Always there is an ethereal field,
sometimes with vibrantly green grass
Other times, there are fantastical flowers,
dotting here and there between grasses,
giving some color, such as pink, my favorite color,
And I imagine the scent of those flowers is magnificent
I am laying in the field, my entire body sprawled
I am looking towards the sky
the clouds move lazily, bumping into each other at odd intervals
when they doze off, just as I do sometimes
Until a time comes when I am unsure if I am awake or asleep
Because I see the clouds when my eyes are open
but also see them when my eyes are closed
In my mind, there are no thoughts
only a blank space that clouds occupy
while emotions fill up the blue sky,
emotions, such the unexplainable desire to laugh at everything,
as well as the overwhelming need to cry,
and that indescribable feeling of utter rest
Is this what peace feels like?



Published August 31, 2020
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Author’s Bio
Ezerikhi Emetonjor
Salutations. I’m a 19 year old international student from Lagos, Nigeria; and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I write, as well as practice other creative outlets, as a way to understand my place in the world, humanity, and answer philosophical and existential questions that I constantly have. I also write because it makes me happy.
︎ @ezerikhi  ︎rikhiemetonjor.wixsite.com/flyingsolo

Artist’s Bio
Sophia Hounton is a Beninese American youth artist residing in the Pacific Northwest. She works mainly in digital illustration and painting with aspirations to work as an character designer or concept artist.
︎ @damedanse


︎Philadelphia, PA
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