Demen (Tomorrow)

     Written by Junior (Jinyò) Duplessis 
     Illustrated by Nomntu Thobeka 

     Est. Reading Time: 1 min 

M renmen yon gason
Sijè nan bouch li se revolisyon
Men si w ta wè l
Li dou kou on myèl
Lè nou manyen se rèl
Li s on dife tou limen
Yon nonm gwo nen
Ki respire pou mwen
Lè l kenbe men m
Lanmou nou pran donnen
Fwi ki byen gonmen
Tout lanbi sonnen
Istwa nou konplike
Men demen masisi libere
Nan Ginen tande


I am in love with a guy
His favorite subject is revolution
But if you could see him
He’s as sweet as a bee
Screams when we touch
He’s like a hearth to me
A fella with a big nose
Who only breathes for me
When he holds my hand
Our love bears the stickiest of fruits
And all the conchs sing!
Though our history is complicated
Tomorrow men who love men are liberated
The Ancestors will see to it



Published July 5, 2024
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Author’s Bio
Junior Duplessis (Jinyò) was born in Pòtoprens, Haiti and raised in the luscious Platosantral region near the historic city of Mibalè. He started to develop political awareness of the status of Haitian Creole in Haiti after years at various Catholic/Espicopal schools where the French language was imposed. Today, he runs a blog, @Kreyolizasyon, on instagram exploring relevant subjects to the Haitian experience while promoting the usage of Haitian Creole. He is actively researching queer spiritual traditions and historical and linguistic connections between Haiti and other Black geographies.

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Artist’s Bio
Nomntu is a prominent Abstract painter, crafter, art facilitator for kids and digital illustrator. They have developed a signature style which is a blend of Afrocentric and Futurism by also referencing various ancient techniques such as weaving and embroidery to her practice. Their work connects us to some of the world's ancient cultures in a unique and dynamic way.
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