Bitchez Brew

     Written by Ersule Metelus 
     Illustrated by Micaela Bolaños Meade 

     Est. Reading Time: 1 min 

*For Miles Davis and my mother, Ms. France

these days, i only spliff with flower-
rubbing lavender and sage ‘tween my fingers
‘til i smell like a thousand witch women

here, there is florida water and basil leaf
there is pisces mother sucking dunhill reds like salvation on sundays
there is voodoo in these bones and congo in this hair
and although i am a blessed child,
i can not make love in any other language than this slave tongue

i can not exist on any other plane than this pumpkin spice, please night terror

and for such salacious crimes
frankincense has forgotten me
myrrh has abandoned me
all that i am left with
is honey bourbon backwood
and cherry blossom tease

i am spliffing my smokes with lavender and sage
like one day, they will absolve me
like one day, i too, could be holy.

e. Metelus



Published August 31, 2020
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Author’s Bio
Ersule is first and foremost a poet, after that, she is a lover of all sorts. She wishes you the world and wants to remind you that water is life, education is a right, and that love will always lead you right where you need to be.
︎ @ersule_  

Artist’s Bio
Mica Bolaños Meade is an animator and illustrator native to Mexico City, MX.
︎ @mica_bm  ︎micabm.wixsite.com/portfolio


︎Philadelphia, PA
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