Written by Devon Demetri 
     Illustrated by Anthony Grant 

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Days have gone by when I ceased to hear the ocean,
And somehow I thought I was okay with that.
It was the sea the had echoed every single emotion,
And the air that had brought it back.
You have to understand we live an Ecclesian world.
Here, the future is this type of governance.
Here, the walls have disappearing angles - they’re curled,
Here, things exist in more than one instance.
Consequently, I thought Maria would keep us safe,
But Nemo is surrounded by water.
Evidently, I still can hear past the border raphe.
But lies I’ve absorbed from the augur.
   Why still do we hear what’s best for us?
   Why still do we choose to give our trust?


Published October 17, 2020
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Author’s Bio
Devon Demetri (He/His) is an artist & poet.

Artist’s Bio
Anthony is an artist living in the Bay Area, California. When he is not creating his own art, he is a Product Designer for a mobile banking company.
︎ @anthony.r.grant
︎ www.argstudios.com


︎Philadelphia, PA
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